Saturday, 30 November 2013

Little Life Update | November 2013

'Little life update' - a new series, now and then.

Either, a more personal post, focusing on one subject. 

Or, featuring mainly photos, of my recent shenanigans. Think of it as snippets from a journal, in photo montage form.
> London, 16 November 2013
Managed to capture the first snow of the season!

> Contract ran out early on, back to this bad boy for calls and what not.
FM RADIO? score.

> Quick happy birthdays to my big brother Chris - without whom, I would take the title 'The Prodigy Child'.

Also to my aunt DD, enjoy kiwi land! - you will not be welcomed back if you turn to side 'All Blacks' (rugby team).

& Daisy, 21, tomorrow! Have an amazing day, love and hugs from all the Smiths xxx

Rach, 20? Love you long time xxx

> Managed 4 meals out in as many days! Salads till Christmas then.
Shout out to 'Cafe Nero' for their scrummy Bacon, Brie and caramalised onion panini.

> What do we make of the cape?

Feel like I've hopped straight out of Narnia, or that I should own a mansion in Antartica
> I nearly have all my Christmas presents bought and sealed! Is that weird?

I am definitely one of those people who has a secret stash that I add to throughout the year whenever I find something suitable - I blame my family/friends being difficult to match to a pressie

Thinking of doing a present gift guide, but maybe based around birthday? Doubt I'm organised enough for it to be pre Christmas!

> Visited the V&A Museum.
Duck in hoisin sauce with dried seaweed and beans
The 'Club to Catwalk' exhibition was awesome, really bought my creativity out
(photos weren't allowed inside, so one of the shop was the best I could do)
Here is a link to a blog written, purely for this exhibition: 

> Mainly rocking my no-makeup-makeup look this month

& naked nails, until...
> Dad hunted all variations of GLAMOUR mag down, very lucky me!

£8 on the same magazine is excessive, but you save SO much money. All beautiful shades.
Credit to Hola Bambi for prompting me to the deal!

Goodbye Movember, you've brought great laughter to a serious subject.
My contribution, I sponsored others!

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