Sunday, 24 November 2013

Life | 'The Tate Modern': Present, 16 November 2013

Today at the Tate
16 November 2013

Gastro pub food? Delish, not too pricey for London.
Dad did eat too!

Special exhibition 'Paul Klee'

Inside scoop: the 'Paul Klee' exhibition was really big, many rooms for your money, but most of the paintings were quite small. When it was particularly busy, you had to wait to view some of the pieces; and it was very busy on the Saturday. I found the blurbs in each room very helpful; a way to understand his many different artistic styles. The opinion on his works though, are each to their own.

This particular exhibition runs until the 9th of March 2014, but it is definitely worth checking out the site for more in-depth information:

View from the 6th floor bar

Who needs bar stools?
Kitsch, tasted like a melted cola ice pop!
We always make a point to visit the bar, if anything, for the views, and it makes a nice break from wandering around. Beautiful outlook both during the day, and at night; I would highly recommend it as part of your visit.

View from the 5th floor balcony
Couldn't resist an artistic selfie!
This is personally not my thing. 'Art with a capital F', in my opinion.

For reference: Level 4 Exhibit 'Structure and clarity' which is free admission.

Ran into bumble bee on the walk to the station!

On the walk back from the station, things took an interesting turn!
Saw Bumble bee by the Millennium bridge (very accommodating for my photos) and outside 'The Globe', an impromptu kiss on Shakespeare. Purely for the fun of it; unfortunately, dad didn't have any lipstick on so couldn't join in. Easily rained off, do not fret!

Wonder if I'll start a trend?
Come back in a year to see a sea of kisses

I spy lips.
Loved it. Another successful visit!

'Home James'
'Tate Britain', also situated in London, is Tate Modern's more old fashioned sister; next on my list.

Thankyou again Dad!

P.S. All photos are my own, but I do not own the rights to the art. If I have inadvertently breached copyright, please let me know and I'll remove it asap.


  1. This all looks like so much fun! And what a great view ;)
    xo TJ

    1. It is :)! A nice alternative to shopping in London; though I wouldn't turn that down either aha xxx

  2. Hi Amber I have joined to follow your blog. Perhaps you could show me how to get a picture of me to come up on this post. Heather x x

  3. Bless you, thankyou, and you didn't have to!
    To add a photo to your user, go to 'blogger profile', 'edit profile', then an option to add a photo will be avalible in the list


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