Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Holiday | 'Outfits of the week' - Lanzarote Oct2013

I am fully aware of the rambling that goes on in my posts; I may have got over-excited. So to switch it up, here follows a concise account of a few outfits of mine from my recent holiday in Lanzarote. Avec cheeky captions.

About the photos' quality - most were taken on my phone by Deb/ mother of mine, amateur photographer like me, as a very sweet favour; it adds to the charm, right? I decided not to retake any, or photograph outfits that I'd forgotten, so the post would be authentic.

'Outfits of the week' 
Lanzarote, Oct 2013

Can you tell we were new?

Smiley for second night
Bit Chile - no, Lanzarote
3rd time not lucky with the photo taking
For more information on the clothes and makeup, click here for the post explaining - in most likely too much detail - what I took with me.

Black midi was my favourite piece, can you tell?
Favourite outfit, easy to spot a tourist 
1. Les Mis Hooker?
2. Mum trying to be arty
3. Concealer too light for my face now? Only in flash.
I can't win!
Homeward bound, with my ride in the background
So my sandals? - broke!  And bar a day out and for travelling, my flip-flops were all I wore. I would LOVE some black Haviannas some day, but the Primark pair held up v well!

I had an amazing time, and more in-depth goings-on will be in upcoming holiday journal posts. 

Definitely happy to be home, but a week on, I am suffering slight holiday blues. It will take me a while to get used to layering, and to suit the English winter. But for the moment, I can look at these, and be in denial. Join me? 

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