Friday, 15 November 2013

Holiday | 'Journal' Days 6, 7 & 8, Lanzarote Oct2013

Day 6
Forgot to change the time on my watch, you can guess what happened. Justified 4 crepes w honey for breakfast as they were small, ish. + melon = healthy equilibrium?

Went out to another town with Mum for a morning of wandering and shopping!  

Lots of jewellers with local volcanic rock and pearl.

Dripping with rain? Why are there always Irish pubs around? Got approached by 3 separate reps on separate occasions!

Knock off 'Ray Beri'(Ray Ban) seemed to be popular, as well as D'oor(D'ior)
To skip counterfeit woes I presume!

When I went into a lower street level to look at Haviannas, the owner spontaneously opened her kinky lingerie shop; thoughts?

More browsing, FOUND INGLOT! Swoon. Couldn't resist, saved some dollar. Bought a few pressies as well!

Back, was the usj of relaxing, reading, swimming and drinking; it's a hard life.

Brother Pete managed to come 2nd in the hotel table tennis tournament!
Dinner fairly standard. Mum and me simultaneously - 'I wouldn't mind playing scrabble'

Texted Dad about the Post(who wasn't able to come because of work), him to thank for it going up in time!

Still stuck on the blasted Candy Crush level.

Day 7
Slept late, woke early - bad combination.
Finished 'The Last Song'

Quite cloudy/windy. Headed to rent the 'multibike' to and from the airport.

SO close to planes taking off and landing, 

 swirled the sand to a sandstorm. 

Decided to swim in the sea, crazy choppy, waves taller than me! Sand went everywhere, forgot me towel, bit of an embarassing walk back. Swim in the pool, then late lunch'n. 

Back up to pool to watch my aunt and Pete in a 'Zorb cylinder'.

Lots of sunbathing and jumping in the pool.
Wandered to local shops to get a pressie for dad, which we still have yet to give him! 

Sitting at a bus stop, posing for my auntie. Only a tourist
Final beach stroll
Found a few volcanic rocks I hope to make into jewellery. 

Arrived at the restaurant to find 'bloody cocktail' and entertainment staff dressed up in the spirit of halloween.

The last supper, delicious duck, piled extra high.
I will miss the never ending offerings of food and drink on tap! 

Poker failed miserably; mum was pants, we got bored and so put all in, where Pete managed a straight!
Write journal(writing inception), finish book, nanight final sleep!
Looking forward to my bed tomorrow.

Day 8
Day of travelling and taking advantage of the final breakfast; felt naked after they cut off the all inclusive band!

Mum, Pete(younger brother), Auntie Dortie-nickname(can you tell their family resembelence), Chris(older brother).
Quite a queue at check in, we improvised.

Wander around duty free; smelt like a perfumery when I left. 

Were able to watch the planes from an open air deck 
Bye bye Lanzarote 
Plane, cheeky on board purchase. Managed to read 'The Notebook' cover to cover on the way home. 

Arrived to 13 degrees and darkness; there is no place like home.

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