Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Holiday | 'Journal' Days 3, 4 & 5, Lanzarote Oct2013

Day 3
Clocks went back, would ordinarily mean an extra hour in bed. But no, early breakie and a trip to Porta del Carmen. For a market, we failed to find. Bad idea to wear my floral dress; it was V windy!

Lovely music, from an unknown instrument. Sweet man
Nice wander and drink, managed to find some sunglasses very reasonably.

'Porta Del Carmen's' Port

Bit squinty, thank goodness I found some sunglasses

Incredible views of the volcanoes/moutains.
By the port seems to be a mixture of very expensive designer shops and cheap touristy places. Polar opposites. 

Despite asking, 'Dior Amber Diamond' remains elusive; I refuse to accept it may have got away!
Back in time for lunch and a suspiciously onion ring tasting calamari? 
Read second half of the Notebook, Dear John scheduled for tomorrow. Pool bar, endless refreshments. 
Sunbathed and hung around the pool. 

Jumping was the only easy way in, SO COLD. This is coming from someone who, at every opportunity, goes in the English sea!

Limited entertainment because it was a Sunday, couldn't play pool as there was no white ball at any table? Prime opportunity to test out the drinks. Whiskey cream, a weaker baileys knock-off - YUM. Yes, I am of age.  

Bogle the game of choice that night. 3 letters or more; keep it clean.

Day 4
Pancakes, pain au chocolat, peaches & melon, purely for breakfast. 
All-inclusive is both a blessing and a curse.

Beach day! - I wish. Rained all night, and woke up to clouds and a chill.

Local outside mall
Retreat to the hotel. Table tennis, pool table with Pete. Family non-existent-sun bathe sesh, aqua gym (probably be my daily dose of exercise).
Lunch as usual, then back to the beach. 

Godsend flip flops.
Weather improved, but nightmare for sunbathing as wind and sand do not mix.

Back w Pete & Dortie for dive practice.
Back for makeup and cards, turned into a little routine. The makeup thing just me though.

Slam got very heated.
Downside to one bathroom and 5 people - cold showers! What happened to ladies first? Ended up 4th in line.

Oriental themed food night, favourite meal all week. Although I managed to drop food on 3 seperate occasions.
Decided to dodge the drag entertainment, endless games of hearts and sevens followed, then scrabble where my brother managed a word using all his letters on his first turn. Can't beat!
All in all, not what we had planned for the day, but still a good'n. 

Day 5
Woke up not feeling too peachy, meant I missed out on the volcano day and riding camels; I wanted to include the photos even so.

1. Geyser demonstration

Camels nicknamed: Dave, Henry and George. How British.

Turned out to be the sunniest day, regular pool dips; great for working on my tan. Note to self - in future, REMEMBER TO TURN OVER.

Lunch alone. I got many a sympathetic look, but on the bright side - I had no guilt in how much I stuffed my face with.

My spot. We are creatures of habbit.
Finished Dear John, had a poolside snooze. Major pale skin bikini line syndrome. Others came back and joined me at the pool, where Pete managed to score in water polo without even playing! 

Ambushed by parrots on walking into the hotel restaurant.
Rocking the double chin, SO smiley!

Dinner was Mexican style specials, fahitas were magnifico. Mum managed to make a fool of herself, by saying it was mild then sneezing and downing a drink to cope with the heat. Tummy-achingly-funny, was in fits of giggles. You had to be there.

Then guess what, more cards!

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