Monday, 11 November 2013

Holiday | 'Journal' Days 1 & 2, Lanzarote Oct2013

Day 1
3.30am hit me like a tonne of bricks, and after throwing on some clothes and publishing my Friday blog post; excitement kept me going on the ride to Gatwick.

Very swiftly through check in and security(my bag was the lightest!) and everyone was beginning to droop. Wondering around the duty free definitely helped me, cheeky bare minerals purchase from a lovely saleswoman who dropped me a few samples aswell.

No time for MCdonalds breakfast queue and we were summoned to gate 90! thankfully, one of the closer ones.

English weather at it's finest.
Probably due to a lack of sleep, high amount of turbulence and the altitude I wasn't feeling too fabulous in flight, but the nearer to Lanzarote we got and with the sight of beautiful sun drenched views, the better I felt.

Cliche family photo.

Fairly bouncy landing, quick through border and a little wait for the bags and we were in a taxi, warmed by the very welcome sun. Short wait for our room, so we had lunch. SO MUCH choice, the all inclusive wristband has so much power! paella was a massive hit, very sweet puddings.

Ended up sleeping most of the afternoon, followed by a quick swim (pool water freezing btw).

Spot of cards post dinner, theme that followed all week
I think this photo sums up my family very well.

Like to attempt to be presentable for the evenings, entertainment was cheeky but funny ('Mr Marramor' competition)but I was seriously droopy, early night for me.

Day 2
Prompt breakfast of over indulgence (pancakes and pain au chocolat), off for a quick nap. 

Cats seem to follow you everywhere!
POOL time! Aqua-aerobics was fun but I couldn't reach the bottom; mum thought that our pale skin gave us away to being new, meaning we were naive enough to be roped in.

'Animation team'/reps, were really lovely and helpful.
Large lunch, then drinks and date with 'The notebook' by the pool.

Decided to venture for an early evening beach walk, gorgeously sunny.

V fine sand, quick paddle - so much warmer than the pool.

You can take the man out of England, but not the english out of the man.

Prime coast to watch planes ascend and descend, who needs wide screen TV.
Spot of shopping, then back for my first chips at dinner. bad idea, I'll only go back for more. Lemon fanta on tap, happy happy amber. 

Entertainment were salsa/samba/rumba/I have no idea dancers, always moving, switching between outfits; very impressive! 
Managed to publish my 'Magic Tricks' post, favourite one yet; despite having to navigate the internet in spanish.

Relaxed, my kind of holiday.

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