Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Colour | 'Be loving BURGUNDY' Deep RED,PLUM

Oxblood, maroon, burgundy, wine, claret, berry or 'reddy brown' as many men may say (including my younger brother)are all of a similar hue. Whichever way you chose to name it, it hitched a revival last year, and I for one, am not ready to let it go quite yet. Alongside rust, mustard and forest green; I find it especially gorgeous to coincide with the autumnal change in leaves.  

Sporting the matching monochrome and burgundy pouts 
- unplanned co-ordination.

'My Burgundy bits'? No. I'll skip the alliteration this time
Sips of Burgundy


I wouldn't be brave enough to rock all 3 at once, but let's start with my favourite of the 3, in this case, lips.
'Rimmel, Kate Moss Lasting Finish, shade 107' which is a staple of mine for autumn (in-depth formula review is in progress). A cult classic, I would be one to have followed suit. Although in swatch, and a fair few people calling it a 'wine'/more purple tone - on my lips, it comes out deep red.
This is the most flattering tone for my skin, although I can imagine it suiting everyone. On a night out, I did find it too drying, and it also imprinted my glass leaving me with red fangs after sipping - no-one told me, had to find out myself in the bathroom mirror! My tips would be: make sure to moisturise beforehand, wear a lip liner and blot post-application. Without a lipliner though, it went through tonight's dinner nearly unscathed. 
All 3 face swatch
(artificial light w no photo
effects; as lifelike as I could get it)
p.s excuse my wet hair. 

Making our way up the face, Blush. Bought on an impulse, 'Maybelline expert wear blush, shade unsure - Plum something', I was originally very disappointed with it. Despite the name, I would call it more of a pink. In a concentrated swatch, the colour shows through; but it is powdery and glittery, at best, in application. I don't find I get an 'English rose', 'wintry flush' - which is what I was after. Whilst using it today for the post, the sheen was more noticeable, but only for a short while after application. At £5.09, I wouldn't buy it again, and I may give it to someone else, as I simply don't use it.

Finally eyes, amongst the masterpiece of the 'loreal infallible eye shadow pigments', shade 'burning black 013' is a winner.

On my face swatch I went all out, but with further testing, they still manage to look good sheered out, or mixed with or without a little water as a liner. Multi-purpose, very concentrated colour. The shade is more on the purple/wine side, with a black base tone. When it catches the light it looks beautiful. Alongside a nude lip, is my next night out look. Today I used a primer, and although the lasting power is enhanced, colour intensity isn't altered.

An oxblood nail polish is on my wish list!

Despite all 3 being different colours, within my collection I would class them all under burgundy/plum; hence being together in this post. Alongside each other on a face swatch, hues can look more extreme, eg. the lips more red in comparison to - eyes: more purple & cheeks: more pink. 


Seeing red?
From the feet upwards:

Shoes, 'Vans' want-to-look-alikes, £8 from the factory shop. Comfy for short distances, although they have rubbed before. I invested in real Converse as I preferred the style and fit, so these imitation plimsoles are a cheap and colourful alternative for when I'm feeling the trainer days.

Jeans, £7 in the sale last year (usj £11) from Primark, my pick of this post. I estimate I wear these at least once/twice week. Despite the price they have held up very well, no bobbling or stretching out of shape. I lint roller every time I use them as they seem to attract dust, etc which is something to bear in mind. I also have these jeans in a vintage blue from the same 'super soft' line which too have held up well. Primark regularly stock up with different colours if neither of my choices take your fancy.

Scallop detail top, Internacionale at 2 for £8. Exactly as it sounds, prefer to wear it backwards as the neckline is quite low. That seems to be my thing?

Fine knit, surprise suprise? Charity shop find £3, pretty self-explanatory. Quite a slouchy fit, makes a change from my usual cream/white. 
Headband, in my stocking a few years back. Very sweet accessory, I'm just not too convinced that I can pull it off!

Not in a photo: Burgundy chinos is a great unisex choice, though I personally haven't the thighs for them!

A few years ago, I snapped this dress up for a fiver! Very flattering neckline, not dissimilar to that of the Stella McCartney shape that tricks the mind to the hourglass silhouette - beware with bra straps. Texture is it's pattern, and although colours go in and out of fashion, I find the cut is timeless. The colour & cut is perfect for a formal event/winter wedding with cream blazer/accessories.

Despite it being a colour/not monochrome, I would class it within the neutral spectrum - making it easy to wear alongside many other pieces of clothing. My personal favourite autumnal colour - although I think the hail today is a sure sign that winter has barged in, without being welcomed, until next year swings around. Layers of burgundy it is then.


  1. You're beautiful! That lipstick is Hott xx

    1. owh thankyou! & you :) matches my new freebie nailpolish I found in glamour, thanks to you!xxx


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