Saturday, 26 October 2013

Video | 'Magic tricks'

 In starting my blog, I wanted to post once a day for the first week. To celebrate, I decided to round it off with something a little bit special

Meet magic, my aunt's Springer Spaniel, Collie cross
- and her quirks

Or If the icon doesn't seem to be working:

& Lastly
To anyone that has read my blog so far, thankyou thankyou thankyou; I hope you like it!
I plan on posting at least once a week from now on, on a variety of topics; I will also start being more involved with the social side of blogging. Feel free to comment a link to your blog, I would love to nose around.

I appreciate AmBlog won't be everyone's cuppa tea, and I don't expect it to be! But primarily, it's for me. 
I'm so loving making my own-online-journal!  

I Hope the video made you chuckle

hasta luego
With love from me, maj, and our duck and dog selfie


p.s. (was focusing on getting magic in the shot,
 not my facial expression, oops - my concentration face seems

 to be reminiscent of a duck beak pout) 

p.p.s. I compiled this video montage w added music, mainly as a present for my aunt. I am full on out of my comfort zone here, definitely no pro work!

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