Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thoughts | 'How now, brown brow'

A major insecurity of mine, are my eyebrows.

Through the nightmare of ripping a plaster and getting it stuck on my eyebrow - consequently pulling half of it off; to obsessively pluck pluck plucking them. I am a classic case of; can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

younger Amber*
Back to the plaster - A complete accident that I wouldn't want to repeat, but which actually lead to my first soirĂ©e into makeup. My mum, bless her heart, tried to draw it back on – hello Vicky Pollard! Don’t even ask what happened when it rained.

In the case of the plucking, I have always had lighter hair than eyebrows, it was more prominent with my younger blonder locks; which lead to an unsavoury nickname of ‘Hitler’ every now and then. Now, I don’t want to give the impression I was badly bullied, because I was far from; but kids have a sixth sense when it comes to others insecurities, and whether jokingly on not, can pick at it. Sometimes not just kids! Eyebrows were one of my weaknesses, as trivial as that may sound to some you, each to their own. This started my obsession with dying my hair darker to hide/take the attention away from them; and as it was the fashion, to pluck to my heart’s content. 
Thin brow phase

Since I've left school, people in general are so much less concerned with such things. Looking back, I don’t regret falling for peer pressure; it made me feel more confident, a bit like when you follow a fashion. What I do regret is, letting something as small as eyebrows bother me so much - I am under no illusion that this is far far down on the scale of problem magnitude, but self confidence can have such a domino effect on other aspects of our lives. I would like to disclaim that - this post isn't about self love; I wouldn't know where to start with that.I also don't want to preach; I am no expert.
'Thoughts', is exactly as it sounds: purely everyday, personal experiences/thoughts/trials/advice from a ordinary girl, that I feel inclined and confident sharing.

My moral of this littler rant
- Something that may bother you within your looks, from your lips to your legs, most likely won’t bother others. If that is not the case, insecurities people pick at when you are younger become less and less significant in later life(more often than not, the person doing the teasing is struggling with their own problems and compensating by turning the attention away from them). Styles are always changing, and as you get older your preferences differ and opinions change; as well as other aspects of life inevitably overriding the importance of the issue.

& lastly
I would be lying if I said my brows didn't still bother me: I am/we are after all, our biggest critics. But thanks to Miss Delevingne, and the genius of eyebrow grooming, I’m starting to smile about the brows god gave me!

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