Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Beauty Review | MAC Blush, 'PINK CULT'

Oh, hello CCO?
Going into a 'Cosmetics Company Outlet' took the trouble out of choosing from the mass of high-end makeup out there, I found the perfect 'me' blush.
On the cool side, making it more wearable for any season; to suit both my skin tone and fit my preference in colour. Light enough, to add to my pale skin, but not hit it with bright colour; this also made it foolproof blending-wise.
Discounted at £12.50. Still more than I would have usually paid for a blush, but only just more than an average drugstore foundation; and at £5 less than in-store, I was happy.

Name - PINK CULT (matte, pastel, cool toned pink) 6g

I am thoroughly impressed. Owned for over 5 months, and using it regularly, I have barely made a dent. Perfect amount of pigment for a blush; not too much, but also not powdery to where it won't have the lasting power. Still visible at the end of the day, I simply sweep it along my cheeks; not quite apples, not quite cheekbone, for a gorgeously natural flush. I will say that I don't enjoy the packaging, but that wouldn't put me off and it is exactly what you expect from MAC.

( Face swatch with both
natural light and table lamp light)
To anyone thinking of taking the high-end leap, in this case, it was fully worth saving up my money and splurging.


  1. I love mac blushes , the best pink I ever had from there was called dollymix and if was soooo nice! But then I used it so much if crumbled up lol! I love them but I do think maybe they're a little over priced xx

  2. First and only MAC product and I was so pleased! Agreed, I definatly got a good deal. Check out CCO's if you manage to find one xxx


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