Monday, 21 October 2013

Outfit of tomorrow | 'My Everyday Autumnal Staple'

This is nothing new, but I always plan a 'season staple' to gravitate towards for any day I just, do-not-know what to wear.

Essentially, 1 is jeans and a top, 2 being a jacket and a dress. Still, maybe it will prompt you to think of something suitable in your own wardrobe you hadn't considered beforehand. The template will work just as well with different colours, patterns or textures; all I would say is, best to keep it simple. 

Outfit 1, Casual (for any daily duties) 

Fine knit - Zara (I'm actually wearing it back to front as I prefer the neckline), fairly old, can’t remember the price – everywhere has offerings similar (I love cream, careful not to clash with any choice of makeup, shoes or accessories. Easy to switch out to thicker knits/tees/shirts to suit the mood of the day and accommodate the weather)
Skinny Jeans - Topshop 'Jamie' jeans £40 (can't go wrong with skinnies, these are marginally thicker for the colder weather and have a slight acid wash which adds a slight variation in pattern to my outfit, do switch out to preferred jeans style)
Boots – Clarks £45 (I always gravitate towards black boots as they go with most of my outfits the best (spec jacket I'm wearing), but brown/beige/taupe are also all very versatile)
Coat – Men’s H&M originally, I found at a bootsale for £3 (I am soso for the military trend, but this is a more subtle greyish-khaki-hue which fits into my wardrobe really well. Silver hardware which is my metal of choice. Fairly neutral, plus really comfortable, with plenty of space for more layers for when it gets colder)
Black Bag to match the outfit, Newlook £12.99 – wouldn’t recommend, broke on first use (I prefer a smaller cross body for every day, I often change up to a tote/bag)
Optional Fur trim band -trade stall £10, plenty on EBay and shops lately (covers up bad hair, keeps me snug, I would recommend for darker hair a lighter fur and for lighter hair a darker fur; not what I did!) or a scarf (I found both the fur trim and a scarf too much)

Outfit 2, Top notch 
(perf for impromptu night out)
1. Bracing for a fall, see it all over my face
2. Erring on a flamingo stance
LBD(Little black dress) - EBay £6.99 (long-sleeved to keep in the warmth, high neck so no fret about cleve, I fully intend to get a midi version, BEST VALUE BUY of this post imo)
Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins, present. IN LOVE (moto jackets, whether leather or not, fit in with many looks. My favourite coat, I find that makes anything look less formal)
Tights – M&S £6 (a must for the chill)
Thick, black heels – Primark £16 (change to accommodate for practicality, wedges and thick heels are more comfortable, still suits boots and pumps)
Lipstick - Rimmel, Kate Moss lasting finish No.107 (Autumn appropriate deep red lips as opposed to the brights I would usually wear at other times of year, great for evenings out as you rarely need to touch up)
The outfit is all black to allow me to wear it multiple times with no-one being any the wiser. I alternate accessories and play with colour accents for variety.

Sometimes I have too much choice (which I would never say is a bad thing!); but having these outfits in the back of mind means I'm always prepared to say 'yes, I'll be ready in 10'.


  1. That hat and those primark heels?!!! Hottttttt xxx

  2. The heels are heavenly! and so easy to walk in!
    Fashion is not my strong spot, blogs like yours are my inspiration!
    Glad you like it :)xxx


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