Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Colour | 'All about ORANGE'

Orange is, and always has been, my favourite colour. I wonder whether being called Amber has anything to do with that?

 Although I adore the shade, and it looks gorgeous on others, I never thought I could pull it off myself. Having paler skin and lighter hair, it was difficult to find my hue. 

It is for me ,defiantly a statement.

My orange offerings

- With red/orange being opposite green on the colour wheel, these in particular, emphasize my eyes. 

Lipstick –’Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish No.13’ ME IN LIPSTICK FORM. Found mine for £2! Full on bright lipstick, edging on the coral side of orange (more pinkie) which suits my complexion. Very creamy, lacquer finish that you can get shocking colour from in one swipe. Fairly long wearing but I would suggest blotting to make it last even longer. Not something I would feel brave enough to wear every day, but for holidays and on an evening, it is my No.1 choice.

Blush – MUA’s blush ‘Lolly’, matte with the odd fleck of golden glitter. A steal at £1, I do think you get what you pay for. Although it is soft to the touch and fairly pigmented in a concentrated swatch, I find it much harder to blend than my other blushes. Also on the downsides, I don’t think this suits me, and after only a few hours a few dots of glitter is all I see. I am worried that my skin may also be sensitive to it. That being said, MUA( found in Superdrug, or online - worldwide delivery)in general, is a good idea for trying out more daring shades of makeup. They have fantastic variety and very affordable merchandise. Some products, like their brown liner, are favourites of mine; although, don’t expect as good a quality or glossy pakaging. 

 (Face/nail swatch of all 3 items
 in natural light - more orange in
 unfortunately i couldn't capture it's
 full potential despite 
multiple attempts)

Nailpolish – Primark set of 4 neons for £1. My top shade of the bunch, plus the formula is pretty good; it is possible to get solid colour in just one coat(ref photo)! I have 2 other lots of these sets, and all of them last a good week without chipping (2 layers with a topcoat - rule of thumb for whenever I paint my nails). Recommend for a fun burst of colour, or as an accent nail. 

– More bold. As a beginner, orange accessories are the way to go.

Scarf – Particularly autumnal vibe. Mine is on the pickier side of rust, with a beautiful floral pattern of both bright and more subdued colours. Very light weight and 100% viscose, I love to wear this with a plain tee/knit and alongside jeans; scrunched up messily, to add a punch of pattern.

Knit – Full on coral, this was a staple of mine in the summer when it was slightly cooler here in the UK. £6 from Primark, I have 3 in differing colours, and the fine knit of them makes it so soft to wear. This is a simple and cheap way of incorporating orange into your wardrobe, and in my opinion, you can never go wrong with a fine knit (one of my favourite clothe to wear).

Shoes – A more daring way to go would be a shoe, and I must admit I haven’t worn these shoes from NewLook very often. I melted at the applique pattern, and although I generally prefer to accessorize with silver jewelry; alongside orange, gold is the way to go. For Simple pumps to dress up an outfit, I am very happy with these, although I may need to break them in a bit more.

Finally, I've been lusting over this neon orange Cami from Topshop for agessss - which I recently snapped up in the sale for my holiday (Y)! But, if you aren't daring enough for 'bright/neon'; 'pastel' orange can look particularly beautiful in the spring, and a ‘rusty/burnt orange’ is a staple for the autumn. Scratch that, wear whenever you feel like it! 

Through mainly trial and error, I have concluded that: with my cooler/neutral skin tone, more red/pink oranges (coral) are for sure the way to go. The opposite for warmer skins, more yellow.  BUT, if you like the colour ,wear the colour!

Hope you don’t have too much orange envy.


  1. Really loved reading this :) I love anything coral

    I actually have a few coral jumpers similar to yours ..x

  2. :) thankyou!
    Great taste, I'm always on the lookout for more orange; anything you would recommend?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Topshop do a really nice orange lipstick in 'ohh la la'

    It's one of my favourites!

    Maybe another one you could add to your collection too


  4. *Swoon*😍
    Definately on my list to try when i can justify my need for more orange lippy

  5. Oh you can always justify buying another lipstick, especially orange :)

    Following your blog and looking forward to more posts


  6. I like that logic! That means a lot, and thankyou :)) x


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