Monday, 24 September 2018

Late Summer Surprises

'A Few of my Favourite Things' Edit

: Inspired by a favourite song, and a few of life's little pleasures that I'm focusing on

Yellow Eyeshadow, blown out all over the eyelid is a summer trend that I delved into as soon as I got the opportunity. One shade, and a blending brush later, I'm honestly surprised at how much I LOveD it. It's simple, but Sunny. Since the colour isn't outwardly light or dark compared to my skin tone, I think that increases the wearability, and from afar/the angles, It's not screaming Yellow.
I'm sure this is just the beginning of a host of highlighter markers inspired eyelooks, and the Bad Habit 'After Shock' - aswell as mum's multicoloured eyeshadow collection - are ready for me to dive right in.

Costa Coconut and Watermelon Fruit Cooler is an incredibly refreshing, tropical Slushee (my speciality) type drink; very reminiscent of a cocktail, and with echoes of the iced tea that they used to make (from syrup, not fizzy) that is the catalyst to many a roadtrip memory.
I wasn't sure on it straight away - fruity though not stereo-typically sweet - but you find yourself wanting more, and like with watermelon itself, is next level thirst quenching. It's grown on me - I've even requested mum bring one back if she's ever passing (hence my photo looking a little melted) - & I hope it's permanent, or atleast a repeat summer time offer.
I've liked all but their coffee in all honesty, but oh my: if you're after a non-alchoholic cocktail, or in the market to add something to after - so *anyone* - this is a winner.

I am a sheep. Linen, Horn Button.. A Zara, trend for summer - fit could be better but hard to ignore it on insta - sheep. I followed the flock and forked out too much on it, but atleast it's still standing a 30wears heatwave later, and shown it's got an A/W coat too.
Those favourite summer pieces? Try and throw some layers over the top, stand in front of a autumnal backdrop, you may also find that it's not simply a one season wonder.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

No7: The Good, Bad and Gift with Purchase

Boots ‘No7’ does not get talked about enough, but with a steadily increasing collection; newly promoted palette gift with purchase - and not wanting to loose it like we have 17 - I’m inspired to change that.

Online until the 28th Aug *whilst stocks last* the brand is offering the ‘Nude to Night’ Face and Eye Palette - sold separately at a £25 value - free, with any 2 Cosmetic or Brush purchases. Visiting from the future? Sold separately here.
The compact houses both a matte Blush and Bronzer, a Highlight, and 6 Eyeshadows. I intend to review this alone - initial thoughts are underwelming - but in the mean, trialling time, make some: ‘with purchase’, have a £3 off coupon burning a hole, or not yet tried no7, suggestions
I’ve built my no7 collection mainly thanks to gift with purchase/offers/gift sets that this brand offer regularly - and although I’m often first drawn in by the bargain, I go back for the quality.

No7: Review, Swatch and Try On

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Spring Weardrobe

Outfits from March, April and May 2018

Transitional Capsule, turning 24 and the Instagram Influnce

(Transitional) Capsule Weardrobe

At the beginning of Spring, I set myself a Capsule Wardrobe challenge - we were heading off to see some family for a week, and it made the perfect excuse to not unpack my suitcase?
The trip and subsequent weeks bought sunshine and snow, so it was definitely transitional, but also unexpectedly successful. The premise was 18 items for 18 days, the theme Budget and Burgundy, and I’ve done a Blog Post all about it with: what (and why) I took what I did, what I would have done differently, along with many more than 7 outfit photos wearing said pieces, begrudgingly lovingly made into mood boards, in paint(!). The time that took, alone, is deserving of a plug. & a new and improved paint/free software, tyvm.

Of the 18 items: 1 was new and full price, a few were sale, 1 was gifted and the rest were preloved/thrifted.
My favourites included:
Coat - TOPSHOP via The BHF CharityShop, £9.99
Dress - ZARA via The Children's Trust CharityShop, £8
Burgundy Boots - Clarks Sale, Gifted

*The Capsule Wardrobe was most of March, and a major part of the (sorta) Spring OOTDs*

Bank Holiday Bl🌸🌸ms

A few may remember ‘Blooming Marvellous’(spelling since corrected) was the theme to April’s OOTDs/Weardrobe post from last year, and the novelty has not worn off people! I was eagerly waiting for the blooming backgrounds to come back round, and take full advantage of them - taking the attention away from me - yet again. It was slower, and a dreary bank holiday was the starter, but the whisteria hysteria/bluebells/Instagram goals were on their way. 

Even though I’d stopped the restraints of the 18 items by this point, I was still reaching for those same pieces - a true sign of how successful it was; they had either started as favourites, or had become them, and I, was far from becoming sick of them.

These preloved blackberry skinnies have fast become my favourite jeans, no matter the season, and this coat really was the answer to my thrift prayers. You saw me looking it up online didn't you?
Although the Musketeer like sleeves of this burgundy jumper may not be the most conventionally practical, they make a stellar hand warmer, but still hoping the next bank holiday will bring better weather. I predict the colour theme will remain unchanged though, as when 'some may get sick of burgundy? I say, pour another glass'. *outfit non alchoholic*

Coat - TOPSHOP via The BHF CharityShop, £9.99
Jumper - Primark sale, £5
Jeans - TOPSHOP via Oxfam CharityShop, £3.99
Boots - Clarks 'Orinocho' sale, £45
Bag - Accesorize via Relate CharityShop, £1.49

Purple Rain

The Kimono: humble construction, varying shapes, in often elaborate prints, that draw you in. The swishability, can make you feel like a fabulous queen, even when you have the blandest of other items on, and a lack of energy to boot. The red lipstick of the outer-weardrobe? In theory. In reality, I often don’t get the wear out of them. Are they too much? Too little? Am I too fickle? Is literal art in an outfit, too much for me? They've been relegated to blog backgrounds until this girl can decide whether it's them, or me.
*I've also made a pact to not discuss the footy, although I can't promise a pun or 2 won't slip in*

The Makeup/FaceArt is a sneak peak at my next 'many faces' edition, involving an equally colourful palette. Although this wasn't my favourite look, it coincided with an emotional day, resulting in real glitter tears, which brightened that moment right up.

Kimono - M&S via The Children's Trust CharityShop, £2.00
Palette - elf Mad for Matte 'Jewel Pop', £10

Birthday Beets

Bought to you by a beautiful (if a bit uncomfortable) preloved burgundy dress, and it's Fairytale bedtime story; wordplay, and sadly no beetroot emoji.

Amber's Birthday Outfit,
Goldylocks and the 3 dresses.

Stunning TOPSHOP Nude Satin Overlay Shift dress, spotted in Scope Buxton (capsule restricted to items worn, not bought on hols) BNWT, SECURITY tags. Donated to atone? Who knows, I couldn't buy it - gutted.

I proceeded to furiously search for it online, and spotted various ebay wholesale resellers - aswell as everything £ - offering it in teal and BURGUNDY. This may have worked out for the better! (I thought) Took a while to find a suitable size - only 4, 6, 8's mustn't have sold well, and I can see why since it runs tight. But when I found and ordered a 12, a 10 arrived; 10/10 could have passed for a satin sausage, so returned.

I decided it wasn't meant to be, and what greets mum and me on my Birthday Shopping Outing? Size 12, for £6; helping Cancer Research, my Birthday, and my sanity.

The Boots were my equivalent of a glass slipper (irrelevant Disney tangent), and were kindly gifted to me as an early birthday present, when I unexpectedly found and fell in love with them (after our first dance, just like in the film), before our capsule wardrobe trip. 

You noticed I didn't discuss the actual day? In short, good find, great food, valiant smokescreen attempt. I still crumbled at turning 24, with my life remaining as stagnant as my baby face.
Being Id'd by a Sainsburys delivery driver who was definitely younger than me didn't help. Am I just annoyed because I'm envious of you having more of your life together? Probably.
I do experience phycological Birthday Beats. But atleast the Beets - complete burgundy getup - has fulfilled one dream.

Dress - TOPSHOP via Cancer Research CharityShop£6
Boots - Clarks sale, Gifted
Rings - Accesorize sale Rose Gold set£13
Poker Face - 24 years of perfecting

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Glass Skin inspired by Mariah Leonard

Every now and then something comes along and ignites inspiration. This past month, it's been

As someone who deals with problematic skin, has a passion for makeup without feeling the need to put it all on at once, along with an 'effortless' approach to makeup looks - I'm really drawn to her across the board. But this approach, of 'Glass Skin' - as she admitted herself - really challenges your routine and the techniques, I didn't realise I'd become 'and forgoing all other's, be faithful to'. Unexpected Royal wedding fever, how about you?
Although I love to try new styles and change my makeup regularly, with some steps I'm very set in my ways: Rimmel Stay Matte I'm looking at you. *pun intended*. This tutorial was the the catalyst I needed to dew do something new.

I would highly recommend you watch the video:  the origin, and place for indepth direction and tips to achieve an incredibly believable, best skin - but I am throwing my 2 sense in, with what I used and experienced. Although she did feature a fair few expensive items; she reinforced - and I too, can concur - that this is very adaptable and interchangable. Yes, I have more makeup than most, but not an MUA amount, yet I felt I had all the tools I needed. It's also refreshing to not feel like you have to have a certain palette, or struggle to find those 13 tones of eyeshadow without; let alone a lip product cocktail (frequently) with lip injections to boot. This felt anyone attainable, and if you're anything like me - you'll want to start straight away.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

(Transitional) Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalism and I are not exactly close; I like stuff, and find it hard to get rid of it.
We did have a phase when my room became like a CharityShop-stock-room that seemed to have gravity rules all of it's own, and I decided I wanted less stock and more space, but, it never extended to: limiting my number of items, 'I only need one of those' (Amber / Ariel 'I've got 20'), circulating the seasons, or periodically prescribing purchases, since I am a believer in bargains, and have great joy in seeking them out. She - & various devoted influencers - tried hard to change me, and failed, but I think they may have slightly swayed me.
I've managed a few months of no buys, and the mindset has definitely influenced me with my purchases; I've become more selective, mindful, and not just swayed by a cheap pricetag, when I might have been previously.
This 'journey' (cORnY) has lead me to feeling like I've hit a sweet spot with my wardrobe. Like I could combine, count, and come out with a Capsule Wardrobe, that I could happily be constricted to, and content with.

The strategy isn't to limit yourself to as little as you can, more to find the perfect citation of pieces, that have a peak expanse of possibilities. Individually, that could be: worn back or front, a shirt dress buttoned as a top, open as a jacket, or those cargo trousers that became shorts thanks to a few handy / zips that I’m pretty sure were my original from 2002. Not only items that can work alone, and can be worn differently, but in combination with the other pieces, in as many ways as possible.

Making the most of what I have is a big goal, and one big game of 'fashion floundering' is a fun way to do it; with thanks to a few fundamental thrift finds, I had the tools to try this capsule wardrobe deal out. *Gulp*.
Granted, it started with a trip - you could say a suitcase is a capsule but hear me out: it was in March and no-one can predict whether you're more likely to need a Scarf or Sunnies (even the whether wo/men), plus it was a trip with no luggage limit, and did prove a test for my 'just in case', packing practice. I did extend the trial, and the premise became 18 days, with 18 items (yes I liked the repetition); though the trip ended, the justification for not unpacking my suitcase was extended.

Capsule Wardrobe/Weardrobe Experiment

Sunday, 25 March 2018

MANY FACES & REVIEW ft. Sleek 'Matte Me's

Many Faces is my new beauty series, that echoes the structure of my monthly OOTDs - 'Makeup Of The Days' if you will - to inspire my creativity, and get me using all the realms of my makeup collection. They will feature 4 Looks, with a joint focus; 'Show and Tell', without the formal framework of a review. First up on my many Faces of Makeup, is the
Sleek Matte Me 'Must Have' Set

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Spotlight on one of my Makeup looks involving the Sleek's 'Matte Me's'
- today, in Velvet Slipper

I'm not sure whether it's the Disney esc name of Velvet Slipper, that the shade turned out to be unexpectedly darker - or it's the animal print jumper - that makes me think of Cruella de Vil
Without the cackle and intense hatred. No Dalmatian Puppies or Leopard Cubs harmed in the making.

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